Mobile App Development Challenges and High-Level Solutions

Challenges + Proven Thinking = Innovation and Quality Output

Why I might be saying this?

The businesses and the technical partner managers, product owners, and non-native mobile engineers (including the backend/frontend developer of the same systems) assume the mobile app is a simple and small piece that requires less engineering effort to develop and run. They always raise the question of the development time “Why it takes so long? It’s only 2–3 screens.”

What is scale means in the mobile application development lifecycle?

In the below section we will try to go through the identified high-level categories and respective challenges.

A. Suitable Development Framework

Best fit….

B. Device fragmentation with various OS versions

C. Device Umbrella

D. Deciding minimum version to support

E. User Consent

F. Deep linking (Universal/App links)

G. Apps are dependent on the server

H. Network Management

I. Offline Support

Think of sync or all you sync will sink. — someone

J. Dependency Management

K. App Size

End up losing the business. Big loss.

L. Performance

M. No Looking Back

N. Comply with Privacy Policies by Apple and Google

This list just not stop here. It has many more factors to be added…

All the above-mentioned points play a crucial role for success on the mobile application and need a great amount of attention whether your application is the existing app, in-progress app, or planning to build a new application from scratch.

This consumes resources in terms of time and effort and little cost but the benefits which you will get by understanding and paying attention to these will be a great benefit in the longer run.

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