iOS App Clips and Android Instant Apps

Santosh Botre
3 min readJun 29, 2020


The App stores are flooding with over 4 million Android and 2 million iOS apps available for the users. The Businesses are waiting for users to search, install, and use their application.

The application discovery has been a big challenge, that businesses are been trying to solve using diverse ways like Advertisement, Campaigns, TV & Radio Promotions, In-App Advertisement, Offers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques.

The above mention techniques have been working to the extent to solve the application discovery problem.

However, the conversion rate was still a challenge. As looking at the Ads, Promotional offers, campaigns, and other techniques might attract the users however, will user install the application? It’s big mistory to solve.

What might be the possible reasons? Someone, who views your application in the App Store but doesn’t install it?

① Brand trust

② Application Size

③ Screenshots on store are not intuitive

④ Title, subtitle, and description doesn’t depict what application allow users to achive.

⑤ OR Other ∞ reasons

Users are smart. They know there are plenty of application are waiting for them and they see this as an opportunity like they follow while shopping.

Unless users use the application how they will get to know what’s in it for them?

On iOS – Before WWDC no one has answer of this question.

On Android – Answer is available since Google I/O 2017. But how many users are aware of this option? How many Apps have adopted this? Only Google Play Store Knows…

Can they have trial version without too much headache like, install, signup, go through the onboarding tutorial, search what they want. Instead of focusing on what they want?

The answer of the question is resides into the question users.


Everyone of use loves food and if you want to taste any food what we do?

We tak the 🍰 from the full 🎂 to taste will we really eat the full cake or not.

App Clip and Instant App is an opportunity to prove the value of the app to the users. To help users to make it easier for users to decide to get a full app.

Google’s Android platform has understood this problem and tried to solve it in 2017 Google I/O by offering tiny app-on-demand called “Instant Apps”.

Apple iOS platform has given a try in WWDC 2020 to offer tiny app-on -demand called “App Clips”

Let’s know iOS App Clips and Android Instant App offers,



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